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  • How do I install Dor?

    Installing Dor is easy! Just head over to getdor.com/activate and follow the activation walkthrough. The entire process should take about five minutes.

  • Does Dor have an API?

    Yes, Dor can be integrated with your current reporting systems. Check out the API section of the help center for more information.

  • Where can I find the Dor iOS or Android app?

  • How do I access my dashboard?

    To get access to your store's dashboard, simply go to getdor.com and click "sign in," or use our native iOS or Android apps. To login, use the account credentials you created during checkout. If you forgot your password, you can request a reset here. You'll get an email with a link to reset your password. If you did not purchase Dor, your company's Dor admin is able to grant you access to Dor using the Team Management function. Please contact your admin to have them send you an invitation. Once they add you to the team, you'll receive an email with a link allowing you to create an account.

  • How do I buy Dor?

  • How many sensors do I need?

    Generally you need to order a sensor for each entrance you'd like to be tracked with Dor. A "door" in this definition would include side-by-side double doors. While purchasing Dor you'll be given guidance on how many sensors you need to purchase.

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  • Is Dor available outside of the United States?

    Currently Dor is only sold in the United States. If you'd like to get more details Dor's international expansion schedule please contact sales@getdor.com

  • Is Dor really anonymous?

    Yes! We understand that store owners don’t want to invade the privacy of their customers. Unlike Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking solutions that can be very inaccurate and invasive, Dor uses a proprietary thermal sensor technology in order to provide the most accurate traffic counting for your stores.

  • Can I install Dor outside?

    Dor's hardware is designed to work indoors only.

  • How do I buy more Dor Sensors or Network Hubs?

    Contact sales@getdor.com if you'd like to modify your order or place a new order.

  • How do I buy additional locations?

    Contact sales@getdor.com or call 1 (855) 367-3815 to reach a sales associate.

  • Can I connect my POS?

    Yes! Currently Dor offers direct integration with both Lightspeed and Square POS systems. You may also upload your POS data via Dor's API if your POS system is not supported at this time.

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  • How do I invite my employees to my Team?

      1. Login to your Dor Dashboard at app.getdor.com
      2. On the left-hand navigation bar, click "Team Management"
      3. Once in the Team Management panel, click the "Invite Employee" button which will walk you through the necessary steps.


  • How do I connect my POS?

    Your point-of-sales system can be added in the "Store Management" page accessible from the left navigation bar. Only specific tiers of Dor service allow your POS system to be enabled. If you'd like to upgrade your account to support POS integration please reach out to sales@getdor.com.

  • Can other people on my team view the data?

    Yes. Dor provides role-based access controls that allow you to govern your employees access levels and what information they can see. See the "How do I invite users to my Team?" article to learn how to add them.

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  • Is there a camera in your sensor?

    No. We use proprietary thermal sensor technology that allows for non-invasive and highly accurate foot traffic counting.

  • So how does the sensor actually work?

    Dor’s innovative thermal sensing technology allows for non-invasive foot traffic counting that is highly accurate. Dor sensors can sense your customers direction of movement avoiding double counting. Dor only senses people and not objects making sure you have an accurate representation of your customer traffic. Since Dor doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cameras, you can be sure your customers’ privacy is always respected.

  • What kind of batteries does a Dor sensor use?

    Dor sensors use 4 standard AA batteries.

  • What’s the expected battery life of a Dor sensor?

    Battery life varies between 9-14 months depending on how much traffic your store receives. Since Dor sensors run on standard AA batteries, it takes only minutes to get back up and running.

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  • What is available via the API?

    Dor's API is modern, simple and powerful. It's a REST API with JSON responses, SSL security, authorization on every request, and paginated for maximum flexibility. Foot traffic events are accurate down to the millisecond. Dor also allows you to query historical foot traffic events as well as events happening now.

    There are two types of API access depending on your use case.

    Dor Retail Analytics API:

    The Dor Retail Analytics API focuses on a "Store" being the base unit for the API. It abstracts all of the unnecessary details about the specific sensors letting you focus on what's important for your businesses use case. This API allows you to easily build tools to compare multiple stores on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis. The Retail Analytics API also lets you ingest data from your store's Point of Sales (PoS) systems so that you can track conversion rates and dollars per head without needing to integrate with both Dor and your PoS provider. Dor also tracks and records the local weather information for each store historically so you can understand how weather impacts your traffic over time.

    Dor Foot Traffic as a Service API:

    The Dor Foot Traffic as a Service API gives you direct access to each Dor Sensor in your fleet. The simple yet powerful APIs allow you to retrieve the latest foot traffic events as well as useful status information about your sensors such as orientation and battery level allowing you to easily manage large deployments. 
    Please contact API@getdor.com for more information.
  • How do I get API access?

    API access is a premium feature, which along with direct integrations into LightSpeed and Square, are part of the premium Dor tier. Reach out to sales@getdor.com if you'd like to change your team's tier of service.

    Once you've ensured you're on the correct plan, reach out to API@getdor.com to get your API key.

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  • My hub isn't working.


    What is the hub?

    The hub is what enables the sensor to communicate with Dor's servers and populate your dashboard with foot traffic data. Every hour, your sensor(s) will check in to the hub with the latest foot traffic data, which the hub will then send to Dor's servers over a secure cellular connection.

    With the hub disconnected, the sensor cannot send foot traffic information to your dashboard.

    Here are a few easy steps to get back up and running if you've been alerted your hub is disconnected.


    First step: Ensure your hub is plugged in


    Make sure the hub is plugged into the wall. Once plugged in, the hub's LED will start to flash orange, orange/red, green, and solid green. This is completely normal. You'll know you're all set when the hub LED is solid green. That means it is powered on and connected to the network, awaiting data from the sensor. There's nothing more you need to do.


    Ensure the hub is receiving power

    If you've plugged your hub in but are not seeing the LED indicator activate, double check the source of the power. The hub's power cable has an LED status light on the wall plug that lights up green when it is receiving power.


    If the status light is not lit, move the hub to another outlet.

    If the status light is green but your hub LED is not turning on, please ensure the connection to the hub is secure. If the issue still persists, please contact customer support.

    If the power cord LED is green and the hub LED does not turn solid green after a few minutes, move to the section below.


    Note the LED status light on the hub


    Note: The above is the hub going through its normal initial boot up upon plugging in. The status will change from solid orange through several colors and end on solid green.


    The hub's LED indicates the status of the hub. Please reference the guide below to understand the status of your hub and what action, if any, to take.



    The hub is operating normally. You're all set!


    Blinking Green

    The hub is sending data and is operating normally.


    Alternating Orange/Red

    The hub does not have sufficient cellular strength. Please move the hub to a different location like near a window for better cellular reception.


    Blinking Orange

    The hub is trying to to acquire a cellular signal. If the hub stays in this state and never progresses to green, try moving it closer to a window for better cellular reception.


    Solid Orange

    The hub is booting up and should change to green shortly.


    Blinking Red

    The hub has encountered a hardware communication issue. Try unplugging the hub, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. The hub should boot up normally. If the issue persists, please contact customer support.


    Solid Red

    The hub has encountered a hardware issue and needs to be replaced. Please contact customer support to receive a replacement immediately.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to customer support. We're happy to help!

  • My sensor isn't working.

    You've either been notified that your sensor is disconnected, or you've noticed that your dashboard is not updating. If you've noticed your dashboard is not updating, please begin with our troubleshooting tips for your hub here.

    If you've been alerted your sensor is disconnected, please continue with the following steps.



    What is the sensor?

    The sensor is what counts people coming in and out of your store. It uses a thermal sensor to track an area in the shape of a cone in your doorway and is able to tell the difference between someone walking in vs. walking out. Every hour it uses the cellular network the hub provides to update your dashboard.

    In order to operate properly, the sensor must have viable batteries and be installed properly. Please follow the steps below to get your sensor back up and running.


    Ensure the hub is within 30 feet of the sensor

    Every hour, the sensor attempts to upload your foot traffic data to your dashboard, which is does through the secure cellular connection the hub provides. If the sensor cannot find the hub, it cannot establish a connection and update your data. 

    Pleas ensure the hub is within 30 feet of your sensor and is operating properly. For information on making sure the hub is operating properly, see our guide to hub troubleshooting.

    Once the hub is within 30 feet of the sensor, please press the red button on the back of the sensor to force the sensor to check in with the hub. You can see the red button in the battery compartment picture below.

    Please allow 5 minutes for the sensor to check-in.

    Once the sensor makes a connection, you should see any stored data populate on your dashboard.

    If you don't see data populate your dashboard within 5 minutes, please follow the next steps.


    Ensure the sensor is installed correctly on the door

    In order for the sensor to record accurate data and update your dashboard normally, it must be installed correctly. The sensor must be placed on the edge of the door with the sensor facing towards the opening, either on the side (5ft up the door) or top of the door, depending on the instructions the activation panel provided you upon initial installation based on your door type.

    Please review the installation video below to ensure your sensor is installed correctly.



    Ensure the batteries are installed correctly

    In order for the sensor to function properly, the batteries must be installed properly. On the back of the door sensor, the battery compartment is marked with "+" and "-" indicators, demonstrating how the batteries should be aligned. Please ensure the batteries are compliant with the indicators.

    Once the batteries are installed correctly and your sensor is mounted properly on the door, your sensor will begin checking in normally.




    If you still are having trouble, please feel free to reach out to customer support. We're happy to help!



  • How do I reset my password?

    You can reset your password by clicking this link or by clicking "Forgot password?" on the login page.

  • How do I track my order?

    When your order ships (usually within 48 hours) you should receive a tracking number via email. For more help please email support@getdor.com

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